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Thread: Spam Alert, Moderator should delete

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    Default Spam Alert, Moderator should delete

    hey i got this in my inbox,

    ">>>>>Hello. Email spam from your computer was detected! It is quite possible that it is a part of botnet ( Highly recommend you to scan your computer for malicious and potentially unwanted software. If you do not follow this, I will have to make a complaint to your Internet Service Provider with attached log file (your IP address, etc.). If you want to find a report about your computer's security and solve every problem with it, please click here:;mitch east;daveyboy;Mark^^;40southernThis is an online service that you can use for free spyware removal. Use it to scan your computer to help protect, clean, and keep your computer running at its best. Use the free scan to check for and remove viruses, spyware, and other potentially malicious software and to find vulnerabilities or shortcomings in your Internet security.Sincerely, Robert Davis.<<<<<"

    His user is RobertDavis, Looks wierd. I hope its not my computer but i think is more like a trap. If its genuine someone should block him or delete him.

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    ^^ already a thread for that mate

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