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Thread: Dutchie joins the forum! (gen 1 Liberty/ Legacy build)

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    Default Dutchie joins the forum! (gen 1 Liberty/ Legacy build)

    Hello Guys,

    Im Dennis from holland, living in Hoogeveen(North) 20 years old and i got a passion for Subaru
    since when my dad bought a version 6 type RA (1999).

    About a year ago i bought a Legacy gen 1 2.0 GL (non AWD), i decided to swap al the parts from my crashed
    AWD Impreza. So it became a AWD Legacy, after a few months i sold it because i had constantly trouble with
    the battery and stuff. It dischargeded himself during the night, it made me crazy.
    I bought a WRX Wagon from Japan, after been with it on a 3500km holiday i decided
    i would like to drive a Legacy Turbo(or RS as you aussies call it )
    But the problem is, there are only 12 original Turbo's left in Holland, mostly hidden in a shed and when you get
    a change to buy one it will cost you 4000 euro's, whitch is a lot for a student ;)

    So, the guy who bougt the Legacy crashed it, so i can buy it back.
    Im thinking of selling my WRX and buying a crashed Impreza Wagon with what i believe is a STI engine(the onwner doesn't now either)
    with around 300bhp, plus some other cool stuff like, apexi boostcontroler, OZ rims, STI struts and springs etc.

    My plan it to build the STI engine into the Legacy, if it's possible with all the wirring stuff.
    Allso the brakes, diff, gearbox , Airconditioning etc.

    I would also install a RS bumper and Bonnet, spoiler and skirts.
    And a full respray.

    The Legacy

    Current Impreza

    Before i sold it

    If you guys are intressted in the build i post some photo's during the proces
    Sorry for my bad english


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    How is the build going? Did you end up going ahead with it?

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    Bad English? You're doing well mate!

    Interesting puzzle you've got there!

    If the Legacy battery is still draining make sure the light in the boot/trunk is turning off once the lid is closed.

    All the best with it!



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    Build pics for sure please! Welcome
    What's an "RX" if you dont have a "W"! HeHe

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