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Thread: my ej22e turbo rs replica

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    Default my ej22e turbo rs replica

    Hi my name is josh and i thought ill share my car with yous
    car 92 lx liberty 329xxx
    motor rebuilt v5 ej22e 205xxx
    mods custom 6 layer multi layered steel head gaskets to lower compression walbro 255 tdo4l (7psi) 06 wrx tmic with stock bov(venting to air) stock fuel system 18 chrome vaults lowered gen 2 leather interior custom 2 tone paint black over midnight purple

    future mods better injectors rising rate fuel pressure reg 12.1 fmu msd coil bigger throttle body and haltech stand alone

    I have had this car for over 3 years now and never had a problem with it but when my old motor went bang it was time to do something different instead of a ej20t conversion i was reading about ej22t conversion and not being ale to find one for sale in nsw let alone aus i decided to build one and i am really happy with it i keeps up with my mates modified wrx running 15psi
    I would add pics but im not sure how to

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    Hey mate. Is this still going?

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