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    good thread, I was the 100th member and got sent a free RS liberty club sticker from George or Bosco which I was pretty stoked about at the time. I joined looking for an RS wagon which were about 15k at the time.

    Couldn't get insurance so bought a Gen 2 1997 GX AWD White wagon, did wheels, dumb teenager stuff like stereo etc
    1996 GT-B in Blue, mad car. Expensive to run and I had a crappy paying job + uni so flipped it
    1995 Nissan Micra (crashed it)
    1992 Nissan March Superturbo (sold to a moderator of a nissan forum, he still has it sitting in his yard not moving)
    1992 White RS Wagon, rusty as balls - wrecked it
    1994 Charcoal Wagon with busted driveline, swapped white wagon gear into it. Paid $1500 for it and it was pretty neat, drove it to Adelaide sold to Hendo
    2001 Daihatsu Cuore (the blue turd, crushed it)
    2000 White Gen3 Wagon with v4 STI bits (drove it for 6 months, sold it)
    1990 NA MX5, turbo'd it. Good car. Rusty so wrecked it
    2005 Polo GTI 1.8T. Nice, comfy, boring. Sold it
    1991 Nissan Figaro, still got it
    1995 Gen2 GX with EJ20 and 4.44 conversion, the original gramps. sold cause too good to stuff EZ36 into
    1997 Gen 2 GX stock as a rock, we turfed everything in it and installed the EZ36 (original gramps, eventually got drowned in a rain storm outside a paint shop)
    2003 Gen 4 GT auto, got driveline and motor from above, supergramps - still got it. 400hp on e85 at around 10psi with a 35/76
    2003 Daihatsu Charade (for when the above was broken) cool little car, a L251 Mira anywhere else in the world
    2007 Mitsubishi RColt awesome car, a bit like a Polo tho, very euro, sold it to buy..
    2010 Evo X, auto, nice but not amazing
    2007 Evo 9, razor sharp, made 300kw. They steer nice but not same feel as a Subaru, harsh. Sold it.
    1990 Daihatsu Mira XX4 Turbo awd, drove in Japan, chopped in half, brought to Aus, re-shelled. Still got it.
    2016 Focus RS built it in Germany, fun but not a long termer, traded for a ranger
    2017 Ranger XLT, awesome ute, put 20km and traded for an B8 RS4
    2014 B8 RS4, first proper VAG car. V8 noises and AWD. RS liberty all over again but euro flavour, wagon vibes. Still got.
    1994 Nissan March Superturbo (should never have sold the first one) still got

    there's more, but those are the ones that had and have meaningful km put on them.
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