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Thread: White 92 RS Wagon in SA

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    Default White 92 RS Wagon in SA

    nOOb with some very nOOb Questions.

    So, I have a MY93 White RS Wagon with a Sept 1992 build date.
    The doors have rust on the bottom seam and under the wing mirrors so I'm wondering what I can replace them with.
    Questions in order (with apologies if they're answered elsewhere in the forum):
    -What distinguishes between a Series 2 and S3 within the Gen1 Liberties?
    -Are Sedan front doors the same as Wagon front doors?
    -If so, is there anything different about S1 front doors to S2 &S3 like there is for front guards, bonnet and grilles?
    -Are interior trims interchangeable between the S1-3 front doors or is there something different that prevents GX doors fitting an RS, such as power windows and mirrors etc?

    Thanks in advance. Regards, Greg.
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    Hi Greg pretty sure any gen1 doors with power windows will suit you. The trimmings should be interchangeable. Theres is no series3 gen1, late series 2 had different tail light lenses thats about it

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    G'day mate,

    I think you're getting the "series" and "genX" mixed up. Gen2 and Gen3 stuff will not work. Gen2 doors maybe but I'd steer clear just to be sure. Rear doors from a Gen1 sedan will fit but the door glass will be different - this is a "standard" Subaru build thing, the glass is interchangeable.

    All interior trims will be interchangable and I think you'll find that the GX doors will have the mount points for the electric windows. My brumby doors have provisions for electric setup so I'd say the same thing for the libertys. Make sense from a production and spare parts point of view.

    Get on down to U-pull-it in Elizabeth or Lonsdale and have a look at the Gen1s there. You can pull stuff off the vehicle and work out how to do it properly before attempting it on yours. You'll also be able to check out what's there. You might even come across four good doors for your RS that won't need painting to match the colour to the rest of the car in the short term (there may be a difference in the white colour but it won't be like putting red doors on).

    Be aware though, I've heard that the cost of the items you're purchasing comes down to who's on the door charging the prices on the day...



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